Soul Experience

Soul experience or building the culture of the group

    The dynamic which is developed among a group of people promotes the implementation of its goals. The need to explore and realise our feelings during the process of building the group’s culture is pointed out. Obviously, in the small society of the group, we are not just called to talk about ourselves, but also to express our joy, our grief and our anger in front of the others and to reveal ourselves this way. To approach and to be approached. Nevertheless, it takes courage for someone to pass from silence to the expression of his feelings. Every member needs the genuine interest and the support of the group in every ´´trip´´ he takes inside him in order to explore himself, who etches the path, which leads to self-development and to psychological balance.

The ultimate aim is to calm the ´´internal seaway of the soul´´ of the modern western person. In the context of a combination of groups of self-development and experiential training, we will attempt a journey together, which aims at the liberation of anxieties, psychosomatic pains, the feeling of a blind alley and the feeling of empty and unliveable time every day. Other goals are dealing with stress and conflictions, problem solving, decision making, developing skills of communication, exploring oneself, searching for identity and cultivating will and positive emotions.

Anima Travelling aims exactly at the liberation of the dynamic mentioned above. It takes into consideration factors such as the feeling of belonging to a group, the drive of helping others, the understanding that we are not the only ones who deal with difficulties and problems, the challenge of values, stereotypes and concepts through which the collective dynamics are structured inside the safe environment of the group, as well as the prompting of the members to express their opinions, their thoughts and their feelings, that is to develop relationships with others and to have the chance to systematically observe both their behaviour and the behaviour of others….

Through a model of synthetic approach of the group and its goal, like co-travellers in a journey with an individual and at the same time a common destination, the members of the group and the animator will try to meet in interpretations and conclusions related to the collective, but also the individual experience of each one of them, to an ´´anima journey´´, inside, in between and above the shadows…

When finally each one returns to his ´´Ithaca´´ at the end of the journey, maybe he will feel as if he has the self-esteem of an experienced and resourceful Odysseus…


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