Gerakas Monemvasia

 A journey into colours, the interplay of light and water, and time, in one of the most beautiful, but as yet undiscovered (thankfully!) corners of Greece, the Southeast corner of Laconia, specifically in the intriguing fiord of Gerakas, arguably the most well hidden natural port of the Mediterranean, which simultaneously constitutes a rare water nature reserve of great beauty and immense ecological interest.
In recent years, Gerakas has indeed enjoyed a newfound popularity, becoming quite cosmopolitan as one of the most frequently visited destinations by both small and large yachts. However, those kind of short visits have neither spoiled its natural charisma, nor the beauty of its mainland. The latter is comprised by the lagoon where the sea path ends up and through the secret entrance of the fiord, just under the ancient castle of Zaraka, extends inwards, like a river flowing towards its source.
But ‘’words often fail us’’ say those who ardently believe that brevity is the soul of wit. Neither the area at large nor the place which hosts the meetings-seminars for life enhancement and soul cleansing every year at Porto-cadena for a few selected (10-15 individuals/group), need any boastful advertising. Some images, though, through photographs taken from friends and visitors at different instances are enough to convince anyone of what we have just described above.


  Accommodation is ensured in Porto-Cadena at the Port of Gerakas, in modern, traditional-style residences (fireplace, internet, air-condition etc.), which can host up to four people each one.

It is worth mentioning that there is a Health Center able to provide hospital treatment in a distance of approximately 25 kilometers from Gerakas. There is a taxi service in the area.


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There are 2 Programs, which are available for 2018:

                1) Gerakas 7 days Program

                2) Gerakas 12 days Program







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