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    The feeling of serenity, inner peace, psychological uplifting, and freedom can be felt flowing everywhere like the water at the depth of the sea. It is a place of inspiration, expression and self-exploration.

The Program offered by Anima Travelling welcomes everybody who is interested in freeing themselves of physical and psychological pain, seeking spiritual development, but also wanting to attain and maintain a beautiful and harmonious body, both strong and flexible and above all healthy.

Guided by the teacher, the students of these seminars will travel down the route of inner awareness.

Through their body, each participant will observe themselves: the body standing still, the body in movement, its symmetry, its alignment, the breath, the ability to concentrate, the synchronisation of the movements, the flow of energy, the sense generated by his body.

On a physical level, the work done will be more personal. Thus, individuals will prepare themselves to participate in the team more effectively. There will be a period for one to «sort out» their inner self before becoming an integral part of the team.

Initially, the focus shall be on observing our body and the movement it generates (and not conducts), in the sense that one «is a body» and not just «has a body». Hence, external movement is the result, the extension of the image of our body.

It involves choreography of exercises, where there will always be a beginning, middle and end. Each lesson, but also all lessons, will be structured in such a way so that the participants will, in an interactive way, set out on a cycle of exploration and close a cycle of self-awareness having won the experience of a beautiful inner journey.

Everybody is welcome to the lessons, people of all ages, professionals of body movement, people who suffer from body pains, whether chronic or not, people who exercise or not, and also elderly people. Whatever the case, a history of everybody that expresses interest in the Program will be taken.

Each day will start with lessons of body awareness, whereby the body will awaken in a state of consciousness and close before dinner with lessons in rejuvenation, freedom, and relaxation. Lessons will last 1.5 hours each and will be in groups. They shall be guided verbally by the instructor who will touch the participants, if needed, in order to realign or soften certain areas (Touch corrections).

As a result, the participants will come in contact with themselves in a more substantial way, which is a requirement for not only true expression and more balanced relationships with others, but also balance, harmony, power, flexibility and coordination, and therefore, a more functional, beautiful, and healthy body.

The instructors who will be leading the lessons of the body experience Program are certified Pilates, yoga, or dance therapy teachers, experienced, inspired, deeply knowledgeable and highly qualified.

The body experience lessons are organised by the Pilates Studio «The Secret Place».


About Yoga: 

´´Yoga is the journey of the Self, to the Self, through the Self´´- The Bhagavad Gita.

The term Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root ''yuj'', which means to attach, join, yoke. Yoga is the ancient science of attaining self awareness with ultimate goal the knowing of one's true nature. The practice of Yoga is a system of techniques of controlling the body and the mind through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), dharana (concentration/focus), pratyahara (relaxation/withdrawing the senses from external phenomena). Therefore, Yoga approaches the human being as a total I- body, mind, soul- and its benefits can be experienced even from the first session. Strong, stable and healthy body, calm, relaxed, focused mind, connection to the inner Self.


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