Why this Program


    Whom does the Program address?
The Program addresses:
  •  Individuals
  •  Couples
  •  Small groups
Who wish to combine mental and physical well-being with alternative tourism  
    And, in general, all people who seek:
  •  Balance
  •  Peace
  •  Self-awareness
  •  To improve their contact with others
  •  To build a harmonic relationship with themselves and their body

  Which are my goals?
-Liberation from:
  •    Anxiety
  •    Stress
  •    Psychosomatic pain
  •    The feeling of impasse
  •    The feeling of empty and unliveable time
-Managing depressive emotions
-Physical well-being and training

   How will I achieve my goals?
Through group counselling and support meetings that will focus on topics like:
 •   Stress management
 •    Problem solving
 •    Decision-making
 •    Conflict management
 •    Developing communication skills
 •    Self-expression
 •    Socialization
 •    Developing negotiation skills
 •    Search for Identity
 •    Cultivation of will and positive emotions


Contact us

Pindarou 5, 10681, Athens
+30 210 5544371

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